New money in the works, first snapshots of a new series of coins:

New sculpture now finished: Fuse, 2013!

John Greer with his MONEY WAGON, 2013.

Now finished:  Paper Money! (6 editions of 3 suites of each two prints),

each print: 47" x 31" / 120cm x 80cm 

(Viscosity printed plexiglas engraving)


Check here for more details on the prints in progress in December at Flatbed Press in Austin TX.

Please click on images below for expanded view / slide show.

Images courtesy Flatbed Press.


John Greer recognizes the support of Arts Nova Scotia. Without the generous support of the Province this body of work would not have been realized.

"Continental Drift" is now as  "Get Hold of This Space" A Geography of Conceptual Art in Canada in a smaller version in Paris, France at the Canadian Cultural Centre.

Part 1 is currently on view. Part 2: May 19th, 2014 - September 5th, 2014.


Works by John Greer in the 2. part of the exhibition:

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Facing East by John Greer "Facing East"
John Greer, North South Dialogue, 2008-2009, Studio installation Pietrasanta, Italy North South Dialogue / Studio installation, Pietrasanta, Italy
John Greer and his Sirens at Polich Tallix Foundry, 2011 The Sirens at Polich Tallix Foundry, 2011
Duende by John Greer, Intaglio Print, 2008 (Flatbed Press) "Duende" (Intaglio Print)

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