Senseful (Reasonable, Judicious), 2003

 23rd Annual Montpelier Invitational Sculpture Exhibition Laurel, MA USA


One can ascend the three steeps of Judgement, an authoritative viewpoint where one’s back is protected; taking a stand, standing out. On the floor is the work Continuum. This work is referring to a fragment from prehistoric Greece about 5000 BP. It is a fragment of a human head with two feet on the forehead, as if symbolizing one link in a chain of humanity. A sense of the timelessness of the present moment of consciousness itself.

In full view at the opposite end from Judgement is Capital Punishment, a 7 x 7 x 7 foot cube of solid blackness, seemingly absorbing the presence of 3 scarabs’ wing covers, one each on the east, north and west sides. The south side is free for contemplation, with the sun side on your back. Both you and the block absorb the warmth while engaging in the thought of the gravity of matter.

The presence of mind in the face of infinite possibilities, the unknowing.


Installation View Montpellier Cultural Arts Center;

Capital Punishment, 2003; (Patterns for Bronze cast, Granite Split Block)

Polyester Resin, Fiberglass, 7 x 12 x 10’

Judgement, 2003; (Patterns for Bronze cast, Granite steps)

Polyester Resin, Fiberglass, 9 x 5 x 12’,

Continuum, 1998; Italian Marble; 65 x 26 x 30 cm (26 x 10 x 12")

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