Double Lie, 2009

Painted Fibreglass, 125” x 30” x 16” (317cm x 76cm x 41cm)


Not so different then much of our constructed environment. This sculptural form of a feather is much larger then life. It is lying on the floor, having the visual look and corresponding visual weight of cast iron. The truth of the matter is Polyester Resin and Fiberglass, not feather-light, but much lighter then iron. A lying double lie in repose on the floor.

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Bus Shelter in Halifax with retroActive poster!
Thinking Back to Gertrude and Henrie, 2015
Installation View retroActive with Threshold, 2015; Civilization, 1990/91; PaperMoney, 2012
Wait of Water by John Greer, 2014 Bay of Fundy Detail of Wait of Water, October 9th, 2014; retroActive tied up, tide down, looking back across the bay where the piece was first realized in 1972
National Gallery of Canada : THE PROUST QUESTIONNAIRE
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