Chest of Mysteries, 2018

New version:

"Chest of Mystery, 2018 - 2019"

Marble, Granite, Flourescent paint;

52cm x 19cm x 160cm

old version / installation view

on form 18, Asthall Manor, Oxfordshire, England;

White Italian Marble;

73cm x 53cm x 10cm

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Bus Shelter in Halifax with retroActive poster!
Thinking Back to Gertrude and Henrie, 2015
Installation View retroActive with Threshold, 2015; Civilization, 1990/91; PaperMoney, 2012
Wait of Water by John Greer, 2014 Bay of Fundy Detail of Wait of Water, October 9th, 2014; retroActive tied up, tide down, looking back across the bay where the piece was first realized in 1972
National Gallery of Canada : THE PROUST QUESTIONNAIRE
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