The Now of Time, 2016 - 2017

Over the last years I have been investigating objects of the past in my work, artifacts that I selected for specific meanings. I use these objects as image sources and re-make them, altering them and placing them in different configurations in the gallery to confront the viewer with layers of meaning in a three-dimensional voice.

Lately I have been interested in the oracle as an object that is combining my ideas of past, present and future as a guiding concept of our society that is so often misunderstood or misused.

The only way forward for humans is to look backwards. This reflection on time is the basis for constructing our future. The oracles of today, in our culture, are the consultants from all walks of life: financial advisors, curators, etc. They all take their cues from reflecting on time. Our guides are walking backwards into the future. Our desire to know where we are heading has to be a coalescing of time. The oracle bones of antiquity (China) have meaning beyond their text. Their value is their projection upon their reflection. It poses a poignant question: 

Where does time come from?


John Greer


The Now of Time as installed at the exhibition "on form 18" in Asthall, Oxfordshire, England from June 9th to July 8th, 2018. These are 4 individual sculptures belonging to the larger series with this title. See also exhibitions.

The Now of Time (turtle shell), 2017

Iranian travertine, black granite; 86cm x 15cm x 144cm

Base: 90cm x 40cm x 20cm 


The Now of Time (ox shoulder), 2017

Iranian travertine, black granite; 90cm x 20cm x 150cm

Base: 110cm x 40cm x 18cm 


The Now of Time (bone), 2017

Iranian Travertine, black granite; 28cm x 22cm x 167cm

Base: 50cm x 50cm x 18cm 


The Now of Time (small bone fragment), 2017

Iranian Travertine, black granite; 35cm x 20cm x 70cm

Base: 52cm x 29cm x 18cm

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Bus Shelter in Halifax with retroActive poster!
Thinking Back to Gertrude and Henrie, 2015
Installation View retroActive with Threshold, 2015; Civilization, 1990/91; PaperMoney, 2012
Wait of Water by John Greer, 2014 Bay of Fundy Detail of Wait of Water, October 9th, 2014; retroActive tied up, tide down, looking back across the bay where the piece was first realized in 1972
National Gallery of Canada : THE PROUST QUESTIONNAIRE
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